How to take good care of your jewellery

With the passing of time, silver and gold-plated silver can vary in color. That why we want to give you some tips about how to always have your pieces in shiny, pristine condition.

All chemical products like skin creams, shower gels, the chlorine from the pool, the salt from the sea, the ph of your skin and the ambiental humidity can darken your jewellry. We recommend you to put on your jewellry at the last minute, after you´re dressed and made up. When you´re not wearing them, it´s best to put them away in a dry place and away from direct light.

With each purchase INAURES provides you with a little cloth bag that protects them. If the silver jewellry that you purchased in INAURES loses its color, we offer you free of charge the cleaning and polishing. If you need to clean your jewellry and cannot come to the shop, we recommend to mix a bit of bicarbonate of soda, water and dish washing soap, and rub the piece gently with a soft tootbrush. After you wash it with a little water, dry it carefully with a soft cloth or hair dryer. If one of our gold-plated pieces begins to lose color, we can once again gold plate it for you, the cost will be according to the size of the piece.
If you have any doubts, contact us and we will help you to solve your problem.


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